Carsten Oldengaard


Mentally strong athletes release their untapped potential in the pursuit of peak performance.


Mental training creates mentally strong athletes.


Your mental training must consist of training mental skills and training life skills. 


For more than 15 years, I have worked as a mental coach within the world of sports. ”” was founded in 2008, and it offers mental training courses for sports athletes and teams as well as mentoring courses for head coaches.

I have worked in several fields: badminton, golf, ice hockey, football, handball, show jumping and dressage, swimming, shooting, kayaking, triathlons, BMX, and others.

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Media coverage


”… I can feel a big difference from when I first started with Carsten compared to now…”

Line Jørgensen, proffesional handball player in CSM Bucuresti (2018)

”My collaboration with Carsten is incredibly giving in my development as a football player and human. It provides me with tools and strategies which help me perform and improve on the football field. Also, it comes in handy as a sparring partner for life as an athlete and when it comes to the challenges outside the field”.

Signe Bruun, professional football player in Lyon (2023)

"Being able to smile during the World Championships in Hawaii when you get an unreasonable five-minute penalty, I could not have managed that without Carsten! I fought until the end and kept enjoying it!”

— Triathlete Michelle Vesterby – World Cup Ironman Hawaii, No. 6 (2016) og No. 4 (2015)

”The collaboration gives me tools to improve my mental strength and gives me a sparring partner for the life of an athlete”.

Svend Rughave, proff. goalkeeper Morts-Thy Handball (2023)

”Carsten, I want you to know that lately, Sofie has started to use the tools you are teaching her. Her friends, who also have horses, have started asking her what she learns from you. They are very much invested. It is very cool to experience and feel this change”

Laila Bucka, mother to show jumper Sofie (2013)

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