Coach course - get supervision and coaching

Head coaches are often alone with their rash considerations, victories, dilemmas, and problems

But by entering a collaboration with a mental trainer, you get a mentoring partner who can listen and provide feedback and be pleased by the victories to come together with you. You get a mentoring partner who will do anything to help and support you and help you solve your assignments in the best possible way.
Lastly, you will have a partner who strives to create the best possible work environment where you thrive.

An example of a course where the coach works to sharpen his profile

Sharpening of thought patterns:

  • Basic assumptions about oneself as a coach, coaching philosophy, intentions, goals, coaching style, and role
  • Understanding the mindset of oneself as a coach and understanding the mentality of people in the surrounding environment
  • Decoding and processing thought patterns 
  • Downplaying inappropriate behavior 

Strategic thinking:

  • Concerning the different levels at the club: athletes, parents, other coaches, the board, etc. 
  • Concerning the environment around the club: business partners, sponsorships, parents, etc. 
  • Concerning creating a healthy working environment where you as a coach thrive and can perform


  • Controlled communication in groups
  • Individual conversations
  • Feedback systems 
  • Besides this, the work concerned working to develop a high-performance team. We worked with group dynamics, valuation, goals, action plans, etc. 

Form and encounters:

  • 40-50 encounters over the phone or online
  • 3-6 observations of the coach in action, whether it concerns meetings, training sessions, or competitions. These observations last around 1-2 hours
  • Home assignments 


What does this cost?

EUR 15-19.000,00
(including VAT)
In addition, there will be separate additional prices concerning transport, accommodation etc.