Mental training courses for teams 

A team is a team – whether it concerns a group of individuals as we see in sports such as swimming, badminton, shooting, etc., or whether it concerns a traditional team as we know it from football and handball. A team works systematically and determined with the group dynamics.
It is the best option to have both the athlete and the team develop and perform at a high level.

In courses dedicated to teams, different tracks and themes will occur. There will be between two and three tracks depending on the structure of the course.



The individual track improves the athlete’s mental skills and life skills as a part of a team solidarity.



In this track, the focus is to work with group dynamics between the different athletes, coaches, etc.

A team course is structured based on the team’s needs, wishes, goals, etc. - it also depends on whether it is a junior team or a highly professional team.



This track provides mentoring to the coaches where the coaching group or I, as a mental coach, starts different initiatives concerning the team and its dynamics.
Usually, a few athletes get additional attention from the head coach and me to optimize and develop the group dynamic.

What does it cost?

An example could concern a team who wishes to develop and perform more optimally and is not in a crisis regarding results. 

The course consists of a minimum of fifty consultations over a year. The team course contains conversations, observations, face-to-face lessons with the team, athletes, and coaches – it also contains phone conversations.
A team course like this for a year is Eur 30-50.000
The price includes VAT.
In addition, there will be separate additional prices concerning transport, accommodation etc.

For other requests the price will be found together.