- From athletes, where has made a difference


Pernille Harder fodboldspiller Chelsea landshold

Pernille Harder

Branch of sport: Football

Level: Professional football player in Bayern Mûnchen, Deutchland, and captain of the Danish National Football Team.

Results achieved in collaboration with Elected as “Football Player of the Year” in Sweden (2015-2016) and Denmark (2016-2019). Top scorer in the best Swedish league in 2016. Winner of the Swedish Championship 2016. Winner of the German Championship and Cup of Champions 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. European Championship silver medalist 2017. Top scorer in the best German league in 2018 and 2020. Silver medalist in Champions League 2018. Top scorer in Champions League 2018-2019. Elected as Europe’s best football player 2018 and 2020 by UEFA. Top 2 at Ballon D’or 2018. Winner of the English Championship and FA cup 2021 and 2022. European Championship participant 2022. World Championship participant 2023.

We are still working together. The first period was from 2012-2013. The second period started in 2016 and is still running.

”I have worked mentally over a long period with “tops”. These "tops" concern peaking in important tournaments for instance “win and lose” matches in connection with Cup Championships in Germany and Champions League but also during World Cup qualification matches with the Danish National Football Team. A mental work I started concerning the European Championships in 2017.
My collaboration with Carsten has made a big difference in my ability to perform at a high level. I have worked with my mindset while performing, lower and upper acceptance, competitive strategies, etc. 
It has had a major influence on my play. It also contributed to the fact that together with Wolfsburg I have won both the Cup Championship and the German Championship, as well as winning silver in the Champions League. 
Carsten is equally a good mentoring partner in proportion to life as a professional football player and outside the field. He supports me when finding a balance between all my doings and where to prioritize my energy.”


Signe Bruun fodboldspiller Lyon Landshold

Signe Bruun

Branch of sport: Football

Level: Professional football player in Real Madrid, Spain and a member of the Danish National Football Team. 

Results achieved in collaboration with Danish Champion with Fortuna Hjørring 2017/2018. Elected “Talent of the Year” by her colleagues and DBU 2017. Winner of the French Championship 2020/2021 with PSG and 2022/2023 with Lyon. European Championship participant 2022. World Championship participant 2023.

We are still working together. Started collaboration in September 2017.

"My collaboration with Carsten has contributed to my development as a football player and human. Carsten has helped me with strategies that contribute to having the right mindset for various matches. As a part of this, he has helped me become aware of my player profile - including my skills and how I get into optimal situations and make good use of them. All this has led to the awareness of my abilities and to stick to who I am both on the field and outside the field.
Carsten is an ecxellent mentoring partner. He supports me and guides me through the weekday in preparation for me to become the best athlete and football player possible. I am very satisfied with Carsten’s mentoring in connection with my shift from PSG to Lyon – both before, during, and after."


Karen Holmgaard fodboldspiller Everton landshold

Karen Holmgaard

Branch of sport: Football

Level: Professional football player in Everton, England, and a member of the Danish National Football Team. 

Results achieved in collaboration with Danish Champion with Fortuna Hjørring 2019/2020. European Championship participant 2022. World Championship participant 2023.

We are still working together. Started collaboration in July 2019. 

“On the football field, I have become more aware of putting myself in the most optimal situations by making use of where I am best and feel most comfortable. At the same time, I am now more aware of how I communicate and act in different situations. The awareness has also made me more incisive. It has also clarified what is needed for me to do to perform more precisely as a football player both on the field and outside the field.”

Bjarte Myhol

Branch of sport: Handball

Level: Professional handball player in Skjern Håndbold and a member of the Norwegian National Team. 

Results achieved in collaboration with Participant in the Olympics 2021, Tokyo

We worked together from February 2021 until September 2021.

"I worked with Carsten in the last period of my handball career. Carsten has helped me through some very difficult decisions, which he has done in the best way possible. Carsten has demands, creates tasks, and is at the same time personal and present. Our collaboration has greatly contributed to me ending my career on a high level. Focus on daily tasks and focus management has been key.
A small detail is that our collaboration ended a few weeks/months after the end of my career. In that way, Carsten ensured that I was also physically and mentally prepared for the life which is waiting after handball.

Thank you!"

Kevin Møller

Branch of sport: Handball 

Level: Professional goal keeper in FC Barcelona, Spain. 

Results achieved in collaboration with Spanish Cup Champion - Spanish Master 2020.

We worked together from December 2019 until December 2020.

"I have worked focused on mental training since starting my collaboration with Carsten Oldengaard. He has given me meaningful mental focus areas and points about my play, which I would have wished to have known earlier in my career. I have worked intensively with these focus areas in every training session and practice. All this work has helped me. It has made me more aware of what I need when it comes to my play in this sport. However, it is not only within sports that I benefited from this. In my everyday life, I have created some routines that have helped me as a person, which also created a new focus for my sport. 
That is why the collaboration with Carsten has been very successful, and I am happy I had the opportunity to work with him. He has had a good and quick understanding of how I function as an individual – that is one of the reasons why the collaboration worked out so well."

Viktor Axelsen

Branch of sport: Badminton

Level: Professional badminton player currently at superseries level - number 1 on the world ranking list in 2017

Results achieved in collaboration with Winner of the Indian Open Superseries in 2017. Winner of the Superserie finals in Dubai 2016. Bronze Medalist at the Olympics in 2016. european Champion 2016. World Champions for teams in 2016. World Champion in 2017.

 We worked together from November 2013 until October 2017. 

"I have developed a lot in my collaboration with Carsten Oldengaard both inside and outside the field of badminton. I have received many tools which I can use whenever I have setbacks. The same goes for methods that help my development as a badminton player and individual. I have become more focused on the actual process rather than seeing myself as blind to results. Carsten is a great man to talk to. You can always count on his words and actions, as they will guide you in pushing forward."

Henrik Kronborg Mentaltræning Oldengaard

Henrik Kronborg

Branch of sport: Handball

Level: Headcoach in Skjern Håndbold and assistant coach at the Danish National Team. 

Results achieved in collaboration with Top 4 i the Danish Handball League, Top 2 i the Danish Cup and Qualified for The European League 2023/2024

We worked together season 2022/2023.

"As a head coach, the collaboration with Carsten around Skjern Handball has been valuable from day one. Getting to know 16 new players and communicating with them individually to achieve a better collective understanding and good cooperation is an important part of the way I want to be a coach.
In connection to this, Carsten has been a great help, as he had already worked individually with the players before, and therefore we could share some experiences.
Throughout the season, I have experienced a greater understanding between the players and of each other's qualities and ways of communicating, which Carsten has been a big part of. Carsten has helped a lot in understanding the importance of how messages should be delivered to the team - in the clearest way possible.

Carsten is good at giving the players small concrete mental tasks, which makes it very easy for them to cope with. Small concrete tasks that he is extremely good at following up on all the time.

The interaction between Carsten and the players and me along with the short and precise briefings have been valuable and effective. In this way, I have been able to help and challenge the players both individually and as a team to win matches.

Carsten is a competent and professional mental coach who tells you things as they are and is easy to work with.

Line Jørgensen

Branch of sport: Handball 

Level: Professional handball player in CSM Bucuresti, Romania – National Team Player.

Results achieved in collaboration with Romanian Champion and Cup Champion in 2018. EHF Champions League Bronze Medalist in 2018.

We worked together from November 2017 until November 2018.  

“After ten long months of injury lay-off and return to handball, I started to collaborate with Carsten Oldengaard. I used to have many ideas about how to play the game, but now I have a lot of mental tools that help me become more focused on the current situations on the field. Besides this, Carsten helps me push myself to become more visible both on the field and outside the field.”


Stephanie Grundsøe

Branch of sport: Shooting sports - 10 meter air rifle and full match with caliber

Level: High national level - National Team Shooter - Olympic candidate 2024- lives in the US. 

Results achieved in collaboration with 2 x World Champion Silver Medalist for teams with a 10-meter air rifle and caliber senior in 2018. Winner of the European Youth Olympics in 2018 with a 10-meter air rifle. European Champion in 10-meter air rifle for junior women in 2019. Bronze Medalist in mix and Silver Medalist for teams in 10-meter air rifle at the European Championships in 2019. Bronze Medalist in team mix at the European Championships in 2022. Silver Medalist 50m Rifle 3 Positions Mixed Team World Championship 2022. Bronze Medalist 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women World Cup Rio 2023.

Working together from February 2017 to December 2023.

”In my mental training course with Carsten Oldengaard, I have become more detail-oriented during my process work. I have received new tools, which I use in stressful situations to perform at a high level. Together with Carsten, I have prepared competitive strategies that fit me as the sports athlete I am.”


Michelle Vesterby

Branch of sport: Triathlon

Level: Professional Triathlete

Results achieved in collaboration with Winner of the Copenhagen Ironman 2015. Number 4 at World Championships in Hawaii in 2015. Number 6 at World Championships in Hawaii in 2016. Winner of Cozumel Ironman in 2016.

We worked together during two separate periods in April 2015 and August 2017.

"During my preparations for the World Championships 2016 in Hawaii, I worked with Carsten concerning mental training. For me, sport is at least as much about the mental aspect as the physical. Carsten has shown me a way where I can work with myself both when competing but also during daily training sessions. It is all about being adaptable to changes when things don’t go as planned and working with processes rather than results – these are just some of the things I take with me from this collaboration!"