Individual mental training course 

Individual mental training course

The wish to become mentally stronger can have different starting points.

You can have thoughts and experiences such as:

“I wish to develop mentally”

“I know that it is all about the little things mentally which make the difference in the long run”

… or the opposite…

“My game fluctuates too much, and my bottom level is low”

"I cannot perform when it really matters"

“I get angry with myself when things are unsuccessful”

“My nervousness prevents me from performing”

“I am injured and wish to get back in the game”

The mental training course is pieced together by multiple elements;

1) Education
2) Individual conversations ”face-to-face” – online
3) Home assignments such as training with the digital mental training assistant, MASS.
4) Observations/mentoring during practice and competitions

These elements enable you to implement the mental skills and perform optimally.

During the mental training course, the work conducts within the two areas of sport psychology; Mental skills and life skills.

A mental training course lasts a minimum of one year and is tailor-made to the individual athlete depending on the sport and level of development.
I have athletes from fifteen years old and up, and they vary from young sports athletes to world-class athletes. 

A mental training course is made at a minimum of two years if the athlete is under the age of seventeen.


A mental training course consists of a minimum of fifty encounters distributed over:
1) Face-to-face encounters (FTF) of approximately 30 min. duration
2) Observations of training lasting one and a half hours
3) Observations of competitions lasting between 2-6 hours
4) Online conversations lasting between 15-30 min.
5) Access to the digital mental training assistant, MASS
6) Parent meetings, where the parents and mental coach meet without the athlete
7) “Home assignments” – these allow the athlete to train mental tools

What does it cost?

The many encounters and observations are necessary to create a relationship that can endure when things get tough and have a systematic approach to the athlete’s development.

The price for a one-year mental training course is a minimum of Euro 5,900,00 if the conversations/lessons happen between 8AM-4PM.
In addition, there will be separate additional prices concerning transport, accommodation etc.
All prices include VAT.

For senior athletes in the best or second-best league, the price will be found together.