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- 6 specific tools to evolve your mental strength and perform better”

The book contains tangible mental tools within the area of sports psychology: mental skills.

The book targets athletes from the age of 15 years old and higher, and it is easily accessible and useable. You can bring it to practice and competitions. However, the book is also for coaches who want to support the athletes’ mental development. 


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"Mental training in the world of sports"

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“With his many tangible examples from the world of sports and a language easily understandable, these tools speak directly to the ambitious sports athlete who wishes to improve their mental skills. 

The book’s countless excises and tools make it easy to start working with mental training. It is then up to the athlete how much profit you want from the book. 

Based on practical experience already in the first chapters, Carsten Oldengaard provides usable instructions on how the athlete can further work on developing mental qualifications. I am sure that many ambitious practitioners (and their coaches) will be able to achieve noticeable improvements based on this book”

Lars Uhre, National coach of Badminton Denmark (2016)

"Carsten Oldengaard has the insight and vision that is a prerequisite for being able to convey complicated issues in an accessible way. Therefore, the book is an obvious read for anyone interested in mental training"

Claus Hansen, Men's U18 National coach, and Head of Talent on the men's side
in the Danish Handball Association (DHF) (2016)

"When you read the book, mental training becomes very down-to-earth and useful for both practitioners and coaches. With the common thread that links the 6 tools together and the use of the same terms that you as a coach use in the technical training, it provides a greater opportunity to implement mental training in the practitioners' daily training at a very early stage"

Bent Helleskov, Head coach in Talent Center West – Danish Rifle Union (2016)