Terms and conditions -
sales and terms of delivery

The sales and delivery conditions below apply to all deliveries from Oldengaard.dk. The conditions apply in the event that no other written agreements have been made between you as the buyer and Oldengaard.dk.

Information about the company 

Oldengaard.dk handles a wide program within mental training, including focus leaflets
Corporate form: Private 
CVR number: 31694752
Year of establishment: 2008
Address: Anne-Maries vej 10, 7400 Herning
Phone number: +4540181874
Mail: c@oldengaard.dk


All prices are in DKK and include VAT. 

Placement of orders only happens via mail or the internet.
If you use mail, Oldengaard.dk will get back to you within four business days.
We recommend ordering online on the webpage www.oldengaard.dk. 
Once the order is placed, you will receive an invoice no later than two working days. 

Payment of invoices happens via MobilePay or a bank transfer. 
When receiving the invoice you have eight days to go through with the payment - otherwise the invoice and order will be canceled.  

Terms of delivery 

Once the payment is with Oldengaard.dk we will either: 

- send you your order via GLS and GLS's parcel shop within two business days. We do not ship to business or private addresses. We assume no responsibility for the condition of the package upon shipment. 


- if you want to pick up the package at a company's address yourself, call/text +4540181874 to arrange a pick-up date and time with Carsten Oldengaard. You will be able to collect the order within two business days on the agreed date and time.

Right of cancellation 

Once the payment has been made, there is no right of withdrawal. 


When buying as a consumer, you have a two-year right to complain, which means that you can either get the product repaired, exchanged, the money back, or the price reduced, depending on the specific situation.

This of course requires that the complaint is justified.

In the Danish Sale of Goods Act, a right of complaint is granted for 24 months on all goods. The right to complain means that you, as a customer, can complain about errors and defects in the product that have occurred 24 months after purchase.

However, it is a prerequisite that these defects have not arisen as a result of normal wear and tear, incorrect use of the product, or other damage-causing behavior that has led to the defect. You must advertise within a reasonable time after you have ascertained the defect.
If you make a complaint within two months, the complaint is always considered to be timely.
We want documentation of errors or omissions. When you want to advertise a product, you must either send the item back or give the item to us by physical attendance at our address.


Disputes between the partners take place according to Danish law and the courts.


We reserve the right for printing errors, price errors, VAT and tax changes, and supply failures.